Up coming works

Tottenham Court Road

  • Work to create an improved space at Windmill Square (space between Percy Street and Windmill Street) is underway. New planting and some work to the seating is next to be done and is expected to be completed by the end of March.
  • For more information on Windmill Street you can read our letter: WEP Letter – Windmill Square October 2022
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras are now in place on Tottenham Court Road. A letter on ANPR cameras was sent to all local residents, businesses and stakeholders.
  • The full traffic restrictions on Tottenham Court Road are now in place. You can read all about this change here on our website.  Windmill Square with benches and trees

Charing Cross Road, Denmark Street and St Giles Square (Centrepoint)

  • Work continues around the St Giles Square area as the team creates a new public space. We are awaiting two new trees to add to the area and expect the work to be completed shortly.

trees and seating in the the new St Giles Square area

Huntley Street

The new pocket park on Huntley Street has now been completed providing a place for people to pause and relax especially those visiting the local UCLH hospitals. 

View of seats and planting on Huntley street

Princes Circus

  • Work has started on the southern area in front of the theatre but has now been delayed by work to the underground gas pipes by Cadent. This work is not related to our project.
  • Pavements are being replaced across the area. We have visited all businesses ahead of work starting and have sent  this letter. WEP Letter – Princes Circus – Business notification -pavement works November 2022 Customers will always be able to reach a business. 
  • In the northern section plants are being added and the ground prepared for the resin floor.
  • The Grade II listed fountain has been removed for restoration work. 
  • You can read the letter sent locally which includes the programme.  WEP Letter – Princes Circus Programme May 22
    • idverde working hours Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm and as needed Saturday: 8am – 1pm
    • 24 hour contact phone number: 0800 141 2543
    • Work is expected to be completed in Spring 2023
    • View the designs here:  Green Spaces
  • High Holborn is now two way to traffic.  Please take care when crossing the road, remember to look both ways and use the pedestrians crossings as the safest way to cross. If you are a cyclist or driver take extra care while you and other road users get used to the change in road layout. 
  • There are changes to the way you access Grape Street we have sent a letter explaining the changes to Grape Street access  (PDF) to all businesses and residents locally. 

Seating being constructed along with lights being angled by a small crane

Gower / Bloomsbury Street

  • All work here is completed
  • Gower Street – between Euston Road and Grafton Way is now two-way to traffic. You can read all about this change here on our website.  
  • The new northbound and southbound segregated cycle lanes are open for cyclists to use. Please note:
    • The cycle lanes are segregated by a raised kerb in several places
    • When using these lanes please be aware of loading vehicles pulling in and out of the integrated timed loading bays

Key Information

Gower Street between Grafton Way and Euston Road is now two-way traffic.  Traffic can no longer turn left from Tottenham Court Road onto Euston Road, read more on Two way traffic across the West End Project Area

Look both ways when crossing the road. Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street changes: two way traffic now all the way between Euston Road and Shaftesbury Avenue. Use pedestrian crossings when crossing the road.

Last updated: 23.2.23