Up coming works

(COVID-19) update

Eurovia will be following government guidance on physical distancing and working safely during this pandemic which includes:

  • Using smaller working groups to allow for adequate physical distancing
  • Creating extra space in the working area for parking to avoid the use of public transport
  • Adding extra and / or larger welfare facilities for staff
  • Using more road space / pavement space when working on areas to ensure physical distancing
  • A dedicated Covid-19 response member of staff on site at all times ensuring measures are being observed by  site operatives and that all works are being carried out safely for members of the public too.
  • Daily temperature checks of all site operatives are in place. All Eurovia employees complete a daily survey which captures where they have been working (which sites/WFH), who they have come into contact with and if they are presenting any symptoms etc should any tracing activities be needed if a case within the workforce is reported. No cases or symptoms have been reported from Eurovia staff to date.

Signage is up across the site reminding you to remain 2 m from our work force as they continue this much needed transformational safety work.

There are changes to the way you access Grape Street we have sent a letter explaining the changes to Grape Street access (PDF) to all businesses and residents locally.

Change to two-way traffic update:

The switch to two-way traffic on Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street is now completed  You can read all about this change here on our website. 

Whitfield Gardens

Whitfield Gardens Now Open – explore the garden virtually

On Thursday 15th April we will be cleaning the new pavings stones in main square and adding a special anti algae coating. During the works and while the coating dries the area will be closed until Wednesday 21st April. 

Whitfield Gardens completed 1

Huntley Street and Grafton Way

We are now creating the new public space on Huntley Street and improvement works to Grafton Way. Once the work has been completed Huntley Street will also be changed to be one way southbound to improve traffic flows.

Huntley Street visualisation

We are working in phases across this area in order to ensure continued access to UCLH’s key service areas.Vehicle and pedestrian access to the UCL Cruciform building will be maintained at all times. These dates are currently all subject to change depending on the UCLH construction works.

Standard working hours are between 8am and 6pm Monday – Friday and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays. 

  • Replacing the pavement along Huntley Street and Grafton Way
  • Resurfacing Huntley Street and Grafton Way
  • Creating a raised area of road at the junction of Huntley Street and Grafton Way. This will make crossing the road easier and safer for pedestrians and slow traffic speeds
  • Installation of a mini-pocket park including seating and green infrastructure

Current progress:

  • Drainage design work in preparation for the pocket park are taking place. 
  • No work currently on site.

Alfred Place

Alfred Place is being transformed by our contractor idverde whose working hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm and Sat 8am to 1pm.

  • The new site hoarding has been set up
  • Work has starting to excavate across the area initially this involves breaking up the concrete of the road and removing the kerb stones.
  • Drainage work is taking place along with work on the gas infrastructure   

Princes Circus

  • We are working across the northern side of Princes Circus on trial holes ahead of the work to create a new public space
  • High Holborn is now two way to traffic.  Please take care when crossing the road, remember to look both ways and use the pedestrians crossings as the safest way to cross. If you are a cyclist or driver take extra care while you and other road users get used to the change in road layout. 
  • There are changes to the way you access Grape Street we have sent a letter explaining the changes to Grape Street access  (PDF) to all businesses and residents locally. 

Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street

  • Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street is now two way to traffic. You can read all about this change here on our website. 
  • The new northbound and southbound segregated cycle lanes are open for cyclists to use. Please note:
    • The cycle lanes are segregated by a raised kerb in several places
    • When using these lanes please be aware of loading vehicles pulling in and out of the integrated timed loading bays
  • Work at the northern end of Gower Street near Euston Square station is not related to our project. This is HS2, who have now restarted their work and have a separate programme of works.

Tottenham Court Road

  • Lining work will take place around Howland Street on Saturday 6th March
  • The newly restored historic Tottenham Court Road sign will be reinstalled on the weekend of the 13th March
  • The full traffic restrictions on Tottenham Court Road are now in place. You can read all about this change here on our website.  
  • The cycle lane on Tottenham Court Road near Howland Street is now open.
  • Work to start the pocket parks will take place shortly. 

Last updated: 15.4.21