Up coming works

Last updated: 15.3.19

The 2 year programme for Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street/Bloomsbury Street can be found in the programme section 

Check impacts on your route and journey via the Transport for London website. 

Resurfacing works:

The resurfacing of Tottenham Court Road starts on Monday 18th March. The full programme is available online.  This includes 24hr working, road closures and bus stop, pedestrian crossing suspensions. Next week’s work will include:

DateTottenham Court Road ClosureSide Road ClosuresBus Stop Suspensions
Monday 18th to
Tuesday 19th March
Bayley Street to just south of Goodge Street Station

Lane two & three closure on Tottenham Court Road (eastern side)
Bayley Street – signed diversion route

Store Street – signed diversion route

Percy Street – signed diversion route

Windmill Street – no diversion route possible
The Percy Street/Windmill Street bus stop will be permanently removed
Wednesday 20th to Thursday 21st MarchBayley Street to just south of Goodge Street Station

Lane one & two closure on Tottenham Court Road (western side)
Bayley Street – signed diversion route

Store Street – signed diversion route

Percy Street – signed diversion route

Windmill Street – no diversion route possible
The Percy Street/Windmill Street bus stop will be permanently removed
Friday 22nd to Saturday 23rd MarchOxford Street to Bayley Street

Lane one & two closed on Tottenham Court Road (western side)
Hanway Street – no diversion in place no access in or out of Hanway Street or Hanway Place for the duration

Stephen Street – signed diversion route

Great Russell Street – signed diversion route

Bedford Avenue – signed diversion route
Hanway Street bus stop suspended

Bus Stop Closure:

Temporary Stop between Windmill Street and Percy will be permanently removed from Monday.

Warren Street Bus Stop suspended, temporary stop outside Halifax.

American Church Bus Stop suspended (no temporary bus stop available)

Tottenham Court Road

Eastern Side:

We will be connecting new lighting columns along the eastern side as per the information above. This which will include some lifting of pavement to make connections and relaying in addition to pedestrian crossing closures. Pedestrian barriers will be in place.

Tottenham Court Road between Beaumont Place and Grafton Way

  • This section is now complete, we are using an area of the road as storage.

Tottenham Court Road outside Heals and Habitat

  • We are removing some of the new paving in this location in preparation for the installation of the historic lamp columns which have been restored.  This will take 1 -2 weeks to complete and involve four different areas surrounded by herras fencing.

Junction with Bedford Avenue

  • We are starting works on the junction of Bedford Avenue and Tottenham Court Road and will be closing this junction to traffic from Thursday 21st March. Vehicle access to Morwell Street and Bayley Street will be maintained.

Junction with Bayley Street

  • Junction of Tottenham Court Road and Bayley Street will be opened to vehicles while the work on Bedford Avenue is taking place. Once this is completed Bayley Street junction with Tottenham Court Road will be closed permanently to vehicles. Cyclists will be able to use this route.

Western Side:

Tottenham Court Road between Tottenham Street and the American Church

  • One lane closure
  • Pedestrian diversions
  • Works to repave outside the American Church will start on Wednesday 20th February. Note the food stalls will be closed for approximately 4 weeks.
  • The bus stop is closed and there is no temporary bus stop in place.

Tottenham Court Road between opposite Torrington Place and Howland Street

  • One lane closure
  • Pedestrian diversions
  • Please note the cycle lane from Tottenham Court Road into Howland Street is closed.

Grafton Way to Warren Street

  • One lane closure
  • Pedestrian diversions
  • Bus stop suspension – temporary stop outside Halifax.

Gower Street

  • Deep drainage level work is continuing on Gower Street/Bloomsbury Street and deep drainage works on Great Russell Street/Bedford Avenue.
  • Currently working on manholes and deep drainage connections on Gower Street between the Euston slip road and Gower Place. This is expected to finish by Wednesday.
  • The footway will remain open to pedestrians and initially we will be working in one lane only. This section will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. The parking bays outside UCLH are currently suspended.

New Oxford Street / Oxford Street

  • We are repaving the northern footway of New Oxford Street from Monday 18th February. This will include a lane closure eastbound between Dyott Street and Coptic Street.
  • When we move to the southern footway this will start either side of the junction with Bloomsbury Street. The proposed start date for this is the 25th March.
  • We will be working with Westminster contracts Conway who are closing Oxford Street on the 24th March between 10pm and 6am. We will be carrying out some line marking on the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road.

St Giles Square

  • 5 semi-mature trees were planted in the square on 28th & 29th November.
  • More of the square has been opened to the public, with the area around the trees now accessible. A temporary route links that area to Tottenham Court Road Station’s southern plaza entrance. The remaining paving works are due to complete by the end of March, with installation of benches and permanent tree grilles to follow.

Princes Circus

  • Drainage works will commence on Princes Circus on Monday 18th March.
  • One lane closure on Shaftesbury Avenue, North of High Holborn / St Giles High Street. We will work on one side of the road and then the other.
  • We have opened a new working compound on Shaftesbury Avenue to support the work on New Oxford Street. We have suspended a number of parking bays but cycle parking is still available.

The Post Building

From the 20th September 2018 we have been working in the area around the Post Building on Museum Street. We are coordinating all our work with the site developers Laing O’Rourke. Our remaining work will take place in the following areas:

  • The junction of New Oxford Street, Museum Street and Bloomsbury Way
  • The sections of footway on High Holborn and New Oxford Street adjacent to the Post Building
  • The footways on both sides of Museum Street, between High Holborn and New Oxford Street

The work involves renewing the traffic signals at the junction, which includes putting in underground ducts. There will also be new dropped kerbs, changes to kerb lines and all the footways in this area will be repaved.

Similar work was completed at the High Holborn junction before Christmas and the new signals were switched on, on the 11th February. That junction now has controlled (push-button operated) pedestrian crossings on all four arms.

Works are well underway on the New Oxford Street/Museum Street/Bloomsbury Way junction. When complete the junction will have a new pedestrian crossing on its Bloomsbury Way arm. Our current programme would see the junction complete by early April.

Works to repave the footway on Museum Street, opposite the Post Building, have been completed to the back half and the front section is on hold while Laing O’Rourke occupy the other side of the road. In the meantime, we have worked alongside Laing to pave the footway next to the building, which is now complete.

The programme for the remaining work is subject to the progress of Laing O’Rourke and adverse weather. The first section of the New Oxford Street footway has now been started and access to complete the opposite side of Museum Street and the High Holborn footway are expected to follow soon.