Up coming works

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Work has now fully resumed across the West End Project site. The resurfacing work which was paused due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) has now restarted.  Letters on the resurfacing works 2020  have been sent to all local households and stakeholders. The programme will be updated with any changes.

Eurovia will be following government guidance on physical distancing and working safely during this pandemic which includes:

  • Using smaller working groups to allow for adequate physical distancing
  • Creating extra space in the working area for parking to avoid the use of public transport
  • Adding extra and / or larger welfare facilities for staff
  • Using more road space / pavement space when working on areas to ensure physical distancing
  • A dedicated Covid-19 response member of staff on site at all times ensuring measures are being observed by  site operatives and that all works are being carried out safely for members of the public too.
  • Daily temperature checks of all site operatives are in place. All Eurovia employees complete a daily survey which captures where they have been working (which sites/WFH), who they have come into contact with and if they are presenting any symptoms etc should any tracing activities be needed if a case within the workforce is reported. No cases or symptoms have been reported from Eurovia staff to date.

Signage will be up across the site reminding you to remain 2 m from our work force as they continue this much needed transformational safety work.

There are changes to the way you access Grape Street we have sent a letter explaining the changes to Grape Street access (PDF) to all businesses and residents locally.

Whitfield Gardens

Our programme has been affected by the impacts of Coronavirus. We are now looking to complete the garden in October though this could change depending on the continuing pandemic.

  • On Tuesday 20th October from 6:30pm  we will be testing and focusing the lights in the garden. This work can only take place once dark and will involve a work platform, some minor noise and take till midnight to complete.
  • The final work is taking place in the garden
  • Paving laying is coming to an end. There will be noise from pavement cutting tools. 
  • All the trees and plants have now been added. 
  • Work to restore the mural has been completed. The mural has now had its anti graffiti coating and is drying. 
  • Parking bays on Whitfield Street have been suspended and the entire area will remain fenced off throughout the works.

Whitfield Gardens is being transformed by our contractor idverde whose working hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm and Sat 8am to 1pm. 

Huntley Street and Grafton Way

We are now creating the new public space on Huntley Street and improvement works to Grafton Way. Once the work has been completed Huntley Street will also be changed to be one way southbound to improve traffic flows.

Rendition of the future view of Huntley Street

We are working in phases across this area in order to ensure continued access to UCLH’s key service areas. Between August and November you will see work taking place on Huntley Street and Grafton Way with work to the new pocket park to begin by the end of this year. Vehicle and pedestrian access to the UCL Cruciform building will be maintained at all times. These dates are currently all subject to change depending on the UCLH construction works.

Working hours are between 8am and 5pm Monday – Friday and 9am – 1pm on Saturdays. The construction work will include:

  • Replacing the pavement along Huntley Street and Grafton Way
  • Resurfacing Huntley Street and Grafton Way
  • Creating a raised area of road at the junction of Huntley Street and Grafton Way. This will make crossing the road easier and safer for pedestrians and slow traffic speeds
  • Installation of a mini-pocket park including seating and green infrastructure

Current progress:

  • New paving is being laid on the southern side of Grafton Way east and west of Huntley Street
  • Work has begun to lay new paving on the northern side of Grafton Way east of the ambulance extra/entrance to create extra pavement space for the zebra crossing. 
  • Work has begun to lay new paving on the northern side of Grafton way east of the hospital entrance

Princes Circus

  • High Holborn is now two way to traffic.  Please take care when crossing the road, remember to look both ways and use the pedestrians crossings as the safest way to cross. If you are a cyclist or driver take extra care while you and other road users get used to the change in road layout. 
  • Information on the ongoing resurfacing work  Resurfacing works 2020. We are now on the final sections of resurfacing on New Oxford Street
  • We are working across the Princes Circus area focusing on lighting connections
  • There are changes to the way you access Grape Street we have sent a letter explaining the changes to Grape Street access  (PDF) to all businesses and residents locally. 

Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street

  • We are working on Gower Street and Bloomsbury Street on the cycle lanes
  • We are working along the length of Gower Street and Bloomsbury Street on lamp column installations. The connection of the lamp columns is awaiting UKPN and the pavement will be reinstated once the connections have been completed. 
  • Work at the northern end of Gower Street near Euston Square station is not related to our project. This is HS2, who have now restarted their work and have a separate programme of works.

Tottenham Court Road

  • The Grade II listed lamp columns have been installed and connections are being made by UKPN 
  • From the 23rd October we will be making some minor amendments to the pavements outside pre agreed businesses where basements meet the paving stones. Some areas of pavement will be barriered off while we undertake this work.
  • From the 21st October we will be undertaking some work for TfL to lay new ducting which will involve temporary traffic lights.
    • 21st – 22nd work will take place in the southbound lane south of Torrington Place
    • 26th – 27th work will take place on the northbound lane just north of Stephen Street

Alfred Place

Alfred Place is being transformed by our contractor idverde whose working hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm and Sat 8am to 1pm. Work will begin at the start of November.

  • Initial investigation work will take place in November with main construction starting in late November.
  • Letters are being sent to all residents, businesses and local stakeholders. 
  • Updates to programme and work will be added here. 

Grafton Way - Emergency drainage works

Emergency Drainage work from the 24th October to take place between Huntley Street and Tottenham Court Road.

  • To complete this work will require four weeks of continuous road closures for this section of Grafton Way and related streets.
  • Signed diversion routes will be in place for each road closure. The emergency drainage work is our current priority in this location.
  • If no unforeseen delays occur we will also resurface this section of Grafton Way.
  • Any resurfacing will require noisy work to break up the existing road surface, and involve large machinery moving around the area to lay the new road surface. 
DateArea to be resurfaced / Road closedAdditional road closuresAccess restrictions
24th October – 22nd November Grafton Way between Huntley Street and Tottenham Court RoadBeaumont Place will be access from the east for ambulances only. Access off Tottenham Court Road will be maintained.

Grafton Way will be two-way to traffic in/out of the junction with Gower Street for local access only.

Huntley Street junction with Grafton Way will be access only for ambulances only between 8am - 6pm.

Grafton Way between Huntley Street and Tottenham Court Road will be entirely closed.
Road closures – diversions in place.

Marshals will be in place between 7am - 9pm to ensure ambulance access and priority. Marshals will be positioned at the junction of Grafton Way and Gower Street and outside UCLH to prioritise ambulance and to ensure traffic is not obstructing the entrance/exit.

Grafton Way between Huntley Street and Gower Street will temporarily become two way to traffic during these works to allow ambulances to enter and leave and keep access to the local resident car park.

The bus stand and parking bays on Grafton Way outside UCLH will be temporarily suspended during these works.

The pavement between Huntley Street and Tottenham Court on the southern side will be closed. Pedestrian access along the northern footway will be provided but space will be reduced due to footway works taking place. Please use this area considerately and watch for other pedestrians.

Pavement access between Huntley Street and Gower Street remains unchanged.

Last updated: 21.10.20