Tottenham Court Road is now two way please take care when crossing the road

Moving around Tottenham Court Road from Easter 2019 until project completed UPDATED MAP 27.3.19 (PDF)

Read the letter sent to all businesses and residents (PDF)

We have published a guide for businesses on changes to deliveries which you can read here West End Project Delivery Guide. (PDF) All the maps can be found on our website map section.

Key changes

tottenham court road
  • Saturday 20th April: Tottenham Court Road two way 
  • All buses serving Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street change to Tottenham Court Road on Saturday 20th April
  • Pedestrians should LOOK BOTH WAYS when crossing 
  • The northbound lane can be used as normal
  • The southbound lane is for buses and cyclists only 24 hours a day until the project is completed

Advice to pedestrians

Please take care when crossing Tottenham Court Road and remember to now look both ways for traffic. There are a number of pedestrian crossings along the road which we would encourage you to use. We will have stewards on the street to remind people of the change for the first few days.

Advice to cyclists

Tottenham Court Road southbound will be buses and cyclists only 24 hours a day from Sunday 20th April until the project is completed when the permanent restrictions come into place. Cyclists travelling south from Hampstead Road may find it easier to continue to use Gower Street southbound.

Tottenham Court Road northbound will be busier while we are working on Gower Street and so cyclists may find it easier to use Quiet Route 1. 

Advice to bus passengers

Buses will run southbound on Tottenham Court Road from Easter Saturday 2019. 

Buses will no longer service Gower Street / Bloomsbury Street.

The new bus stops on the southbound side of Tottenham Court Road are located as follows:

  • Between University Street and Capper Street outside No. 170
  • Between Torrington Place and Chenies Street outside Lombock
  • Between Bayley Street and Bedford Avenue outside No. 274 and Blacks

The bus stops on the northbound side remain in the same locations but please be aware that the bus stop at Percy Street / Windmill Street has been permanently removed to improve bus journey times. 

Advice to motorists

Until the project is fully completed you are still able to use the northbound lane on Tottenham Court Road unrestricted and you can access information on vehicle restrictions on our dedicated web page. Delays should be expected until Gower Street is completed as the northbound is restricted to one lane. You may wish to seek alternative routes or consider using alternative ways to travel. 

The southbound lane is for buses and cyclists only 24 hours a day. Motorbikes are also excluded.

When the project is fully completed there will be restrictions on parts of both southbound and northbound lanes of Tottenham Court Road. Maps are available showing those restrictions.