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Our focus over the next four years – 2018-2022

We believe in public services and we are proud of the services that we provide.

We will continue to deliver for our communities, never shying away from providing help to those who need it.

If we are best placed to deliver services and lead work ourselves, we will.

We know we need to work differently because the council can’t do it all. 

We are predicting further cuts to our budget from central government as we face rising pressure on our services.

We will continue to have an important leadership role, underpinned by the democratic mandate of our elected councillors. In the future, our efforts will more often be a shared endeavour involving local people.

To achieve the ambitions for Camden in 2025, we will need to:

  • Open up the council so all citizens can have a say
  • Bring people and agencies together to get things done
  • Deliver all our services well, time after time
  • Be honest about what we can’t do and when we get things wrong
  • Help to make Camden a home of innovation and creativity, where we learn together, and trial new ideas to tackle inequality and long-standing problems
  • Campaign in London and nationally to make the case for change on issues that are outside of our direct control
  • Respond to a challenging financial outlook where there will be less money by investing our resources where they will make the biggest difference.

Throughout these commitments we will:

  • Retain a very strong belief that it is better and less expensive to prevent problems and intervene early – this is a key principle for us
  • Work tirelessly to give young people the best start in life, from the first years of life to the point where they move into work, training or higher education
  • Work with citizens and partners to build on the strengths of local people and grow the capability of communities to achieve their ambitions.