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Our Camden Plan

Our Camden Plan is the council’s response to the Camden 2025 vision.

This is our plan for how we as an organisation will play our part to achieve the ambitions set out in Camden 2025.

It reaffirms our values and ambitions, and shows how we will work with our communities to take forward our shared priorities over the next four years, between 2018 and 2022.

This means working together to make sure that Camden stays an amazing place to live, work and grow up, where everyone can lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Far too many people are still getting left behind. Too many people’s lives are blighted by poor housing conditions, child poverty and domestic violence. The transition from home and school into work is still too challenging for many of our young people to navigate.

Addressing these issues and reducing inequality provides us as a council with our core purpose. To do this we need to harness all our efforts and resources to focus on prevention.

We will fight inequality and the barriers it creates by working with individuals, families and communities to open up the opportunities they need to get on in life.