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Clean, vibrant and sustainable places

Call to action four: In 2025, Camden should be a clean, vibrant and sustainable place.

Camden is a unique place. People feel a deep sense of pride walking around Camden and want to preserve the identity of the borough.

There is real concern over things that threaten this, notably the toxic nature of London’s air, as well as the liveability of the city.

Together, we need to ensure that the way we shape and manage the borough makes Camden a place that is cleaner, healthier, and happier. We want everyone in Camden to commit to improving our shared environment, ensuring that everyone knows how they can make a contribution, however small.

  • No one in Camden should experience poor health as a result of the air they breathe.
  • Walking, cycling and public transport will be the best way to get around the borough.
  • Building and development in the borough should contribute to making Camden open, accessible and attractive for everyone.
  • We will be the most sustainable borough in London, recycling more of our waste, and working with businesses to reduce the use of packaging and plastic.
  • Our parks and open spaces will be exciting, welcoming and safe, providing places for people to be physically active, and families and communities to gather.