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Safe, strong and open communities

Call to action three: In 2025, Camden should be safe, strong and open, and everyone should be able to contribute to their community.

Camden has a proud history of fighting for equality and progress. Our wide range of civic networks and organisations demonstrate this legacy is being continued. Our schools are a vital part of Camden’s community.

However, successive economic crises have concentrated both advantage and disadvantage. There are people in our communities who feel left out in the discussion of Camden’s success.

We know local people value a sense of community – residents want to know their neighbours, feel safe and secure in their homes and on their streets, and to be able to identify meaningful ways to contribute to their community.

  • No one in Camden should experience isolation, exclusion, harassment or violence as a result of disadvantage or prejudice.
  • Our community spaces, whether children’s and community centres, libraries, play streets or parks, should encourage interaction and engagement between neighbours, and people with different experiences and backgrounds.
  • Domestic violence should have no place in Camden.
  • People should be able to contribute to their communities in a range of ways and strongly shape the way public services are delivered – opportunities to do this should be flexible and responsive to individual expertise and interests.
  • Camden’s voluntary and community sector will be resilient and responsive to resident need, working with a range of partners to deliver innovative programmes that work closely with people to improve their lives.
  • Children should be given the best start in life, with the opportunity to develop all their capabilities.