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Creating our vision

We invited everyone who lives, works and studies in the borough to tell us what Camden should be like in 2025, to think about future challenges, and new ways to tackle some of our most difficult problems.

There is a lot we love about our borough. It is vibrant, creative and diverse. People care about each other and the community. We have a rich wealth of culture and heritage, outstanding green spaces and a strong sense of identity.

However, together we will face stark challenges, from London’s housing crisis, to Brexit and its aftermath. Central government cuts look set to continue with the council and our public sector partners facing increased pressure on services. There is real concern about Camden’s identity and sense of place being fundamentally changed.

These issues mean that we need to pull together in an unprecedented way.

The most striking thing that came through in conversations with our residents is the sense of optimism and the desire to meet future challenges head on. The overriding sense of Camden is of a place that is mixed, open and optimistic.

We want Camden to be a place where nobody is left behind. From childhood to old age, we want everyone who lives in Camden to have secure housing and the opportunity to play a full part in community life.