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Strong growth and access to jobs

Call to action two: In 2025, growth in Camden should be strong and inclusive – everyone should be able to access the work that is right for them.

Camden is at the centre of a global economy. However, too many local residents are not benefiting from the growth they see around them.

We need to continue to support our schools to equip our young people with all the skills and qualifications that they will need in the 21st century. 

The council and others will need to work with local businesses and major organisations to understand what they need to continue to grow. 

  • Jobs in Camden should pay what people need to live in the borough – to meet the costs of living, allow people to save for emergencies and plan for the future.
  • People’s jobs should be flexible enough to support their wider commitments, whether that is caring for and supporting a family, learning and training, or contributing to their communities.
  • Jobs should recognise and nurture the talents and skills of each individual, and give people a path to development and progression.
  • People should expect to learn for as long as they work.
  • People should be paid the same for the same work.
  • We need to make Camden the best place in London to do business, with the infrastructure that business needs to grow.
  • Businesses and their employees should be part of our community and contribute to our vision for Camden in 2025.