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For the majority of the properties, the Council offers a commercial lease on standard terms and conditions, which include the following:

Term: For a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 15 years.

Review: Rent reviews at the end of each third year in an upward direction only.

Repairs: The tenant to be responsible for all repairs, decorations and maintenance of services, to the interior of the premises, together with the exterior of the front of the premises, and doors and windows.

Service Charge: The tenant to contribute a fair proportion towards the cost of repair and maintenance of the building of which the property forms part, and the provision of services where appropriate.

Alienation: The lease may be assigned with the Council's prior written consent. No sub-letting is permitted.

Insurance: The Council insures the building against damage by various risks with the premium recoverable from the tenant.

Business Rates: The tenant to pay the business rates in respect of the property.

Utilities: The tenant will be responsible for the payment of all utility bills and for maintaining the services in accordance with current regulations.

Fees: The tenant will be responsible for the administration costs and legal fees in connection with the letting process and preparation of the lease.

A payment of £750 towards these costs (£350 administration costs and £400 down payment towards legal costs) is required once the property is confirmed as being Under Offer to you. The fee is non-refundable unless there is fault on the Council's part.

The total legal costs (not including the administration costs) are likely to be in the region of £2,200, although higher value properties and protracted work may attract higher costs. The balance of these fees are payable on completion of the lease.

Rent Deposit: A Rent Deposit equivalent to 6 months' rent is payable on all new lettings, to be held throughout the term of the lease and any statutory continuation. No interest is payable, and the deposit may be drawn upon in the even of rent arrears or non-compliance with any lease covenants.

Rent in Advance: 3 months' rent in advance is payable on completion of the lease.

We have a range of shops, workshops and office properties which varies month to month. Check the website for the latest availability.
We ask that you view the property on your own from the outside to see if the location and environment would be suitable for your business. There may also be photos on the website. If the property is of interest following your external viewing, please contact the Property Manager (details given on the website against each property). Search for a property.
We do not charge a premium, but you will have to pay surveyors and legal costs before the property is placed 'Under Offer' to you. The remaining legal costs, the equivalent of six months' rent as a rent deposit and three months' rent in advance is payable on completion of the lease.
The rent is payable by Bank Standing Order, quarterly in advance, on the following dates: 25 December, 25 March, 24 June, 29 September.

These are classes of planning use under the Town & Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 and where listed against a property on the website are the lawful planning use that may be carried out at that property.

The classes are as follows:

  • A1: a retail shop
  • A2: professional and financial services (e.g. estate agency, bank)
  • A3: restaurant or café
  • A4: drinking establishments (e.g. pub or bar)
  • A5: hot food takeaway

We act separately as Landlord and as Planning Authority. Planning matters are dealt with by our Environment Department. If you have any queries concerning either the individual property's lawful use of indeed what use class your own business would fall under, you are advised to make your own enquiries. The Duty Planner (0207 974 4444) may be able to offer assistance.

In limited circumstances it may be possible to change the use of the property. The Council (as landlord and owner) must agree to the change of use. You may also have to make an application for planning permission to change the use. In considering whether the proposed use is suitable for the property the Council will apply good estate management principles, including consideration of the impact of the use on existing competing premises and to surrounding properties

Some of our workshops and industrial estates were developed using Industrial Building Allowances. The Inland Revenue rules mean that these properties can only be used for 'manufacturing' uses. The 'qualifying use' must involve the 'carrying out of a process on materials brought to the unit'. Office, retail or storage uses would not qualify.

Camden may make available, on a short-term flexible basis, council-owned shops for which we have yet to find longer-term business tenants.

Any currently available will be listed in the 'Search Properties' page.