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Homes and housing

You said that you want Camden in 2025 to be a place where
everyone has a place they call home.

What are the issues?

You talked positively about Camden’s unique architecture, the relative lack of skyscrapers, and the wide social mix of people.

The issue you told us is most in need of improvement is the housing crisis and the availability of affordable, decent housing.

Many said that the rise in homelessness is a key social problem and feel strongly that everyone should have access to a home.

You said getting on the housing ladder is very difficult.

You are worried house prices and rents are increasing faster than wages.

You said that people are being pushed out of Camden because there is not enough social and council housing, which can lead to communities feeling fragmented.

You want social housing providers to make sure that social housing is safe for residents to live in.

You told us that the private rented sector is poorly regulated and too expensive.

Many of you think that there are too many private developments being built in Camden, which do not offer enough affordable housing.

Some of you are concerned about the lack of affordable and suitable housing for specific groups, including young people, key workers, people with disabilities and elderly people.

What you told us

“There’s loads of empty properties in Camden, there’s loads of opportunity. It would be great for those desperately in need to have somewhere to call home.”
Citizens’ Assembly participant

“The level of homelessness needs to be tackled by the council, big businesses, and NHS. More and more people are sleeping rough, many by circumstances, not choice. They need support.”
Survey respondent

Your ideas to tackle the issues

  • You suggested that the council should, as a minimum, meet our affordable housing targets, while others suggested having a target of 50% social housing when new developments are built, and making sure no social homes are lost.
  • You suggested more empty properties should be brought back into use.
  • You called for more shared ownership schemes to be developed, and that we should consider new ideas for building affordable housing.
  • You said there should be more affordable housing for key workers.
  • People want social housing providers to make sure that housing is safe for residents to live in.
  • Many of you wanted to make sure that under-occupancy and overcrowding in social housing is tackled.
  • Many of you suggested tenants’ rights should be better protected, landlords should be better regulated and there should be a cap on private rented sector prices.
  • Many residents with a health condition or a disability said they want more help with home adaptations and repairs so that they can remain in their homes.
  • Adults with a learning disability said they need greater support with repairs and how social housing is allocated.
  • You said that successful businesses could do more to help homelessness, and suggested that gyms and community centres could open up their facilities to homeless people.