For the past few months, the webteam has been working on the redesign of our website. There will be a lot of improvements to how the website will work from a design and usability point of view. You will be able to find what you are looking for much quicker and identify transactions more easily. Expect the new website to go live in August.

The goals of the new website include:

  • Increased adoption of digital channels
  • Increased use of online services
  • Reduced information duplication
  • Improved workflow

The website will increase citizen satisfaction by delivering the following: –

  • Enhanced engagement
  • Increased confidence and trust
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Enhanced experience

Here is a snapshot of the homepage of the new website.

*These images are thumbnails, please click to view larger image.

Exciting new features include the following: –

  • An action navigation bar that will provide easy access to services across the website.

  • ‘Mega’ menus that will allow quick navigation on all pages of the new website, offering easy access to popular pages, and transactions

Compare this with old navigation of categories: –

  • A new action panel that will be available on all lower pages for easy access to transactions such as Pay, Apply, Report, Book, Locate and Request. You can see an example of the sequence of action when you use this action panel below.

  • A new A to Z will be available on the homepage as well as all other pages for easy navigation.

This is how the current A-Z appears on the website

  • A new and more visible search bar will encourage users to search for information

This is how the search is currently displayed on the website.

  • The new footer will also help users navigate the new website better.

This is the current footer on the current website

  • The website will also display Camden council’s social media links.

A more detailed description of all these features will be following soon.

Want to to find out more about the development of the new website? Browse the blog section of this website.

The Webteam