We conducted some user interviews and contextual enquiries for this project and you might be wondering what sort of questions we asked.  In order to fully understand our users, we felt we needed to understand their background, skills and habits.

Therefore the questions were divided into different categories which include:-

  1. About you
  2. Tech and gadgets
  3. Mobile
  4. Internet
  5. Contact and engagement with Camden Council
  6. Perceptions and reputation of Camden Council
  7. A typical scenario using Camden website
  8. Frequent tasks and improvements of Camden website
  9. The users wish list for Camden’s new website

About You

In this section, we wanted to learn more about the user such as

  • How long they’ve lived in Camden.
  • Are they currently employed.
  • What qualifications they have.
  • How they travel for work or leisure.
  • What their typical day is like

Tech and gadgets

In this section, we just wanted to understand their approach to technology in regards to when, where and how they buy new devices and gadgets. And also what technology devices they own.


We also wanted to understand their mobile usage and how it affects their internet usage by asking questions such as:-

  • Do you have a PAYG or fixed contract?
  • Do you use your mobile to access the internet?
  • Have you ever paid for anything using your mobile?


This section was important to understand how users use the internet in their everyday lives. The questions would ask: –

  • Where they would typically access the internet.
  • What device they would use
  • If they are comfortable and confident using the internet
  • How frequently they use it
  • If there is a breakdown between personal use and for their job or studying
  • How they connect to the internet at home
  • What is the display resolution
  • What are the websites they like and frequently visit
  • Do they ever contribute to any websites personally
  • If they have ever used the Camden Council website

Contact and engagement with Camden Council

In order to understand how users and currently engaging with the council, it was important to ask how they typically contact the council and which services they most use and benefit from.

Perceptions and reputation of Camden Council

We felt users perceptions and Camden’s reputation may have an effect on their willingness to use the council’s website, therefore we asked the following questions to gain insight on this matter.

  • In your view is there anything that Camden council do particularly well?
  • What do they do badly?
  • Would you say you are broadly happy or unhappy with Camden council?

A typical scenario using Camden website

This section tested users experience using the website by asking what and why they were trying to do on the website as well as what happened at each stage of the process. We also asked whether the problem or task managed to get resolved or completed in the end.  This is so we could better understand any frustrations that a user might have while undertaking a typical task on our website.

Frequent tasks and improvements for Camden website

This section covers the basics of our website such as:-

  • What are your first impressions of the website?
  • How easy do you find it to get around the site generally?
  • How easy do you find it to locate the content you want?
  • How good is the quality of the information you want?
  • What improvement would you like to see Camden make?

The users wish list for Camden’s new website

This section explores further improvements that the user would like to add to make their user experience more usable and accessible.