by Liz Azyan

In the process of trying to gain more feedback and clarity from users, we have conducted various surveys, focus groups, usability testing’s and interviews with users.  We have learnt a lot from these sessions regarding our user experiences and beginning to shape our strategy forward.  In order to take the knowledge we have gained from these sessions and really get a better sense from a greater pool of users, we have setup a Uservoice survey online to share the thoughts and ideas gathered.

Here is a snapshot of our uservoice survey forum, which you can find here. There are two pages of ideas and you have 10 votes to distribute amongst your favourite ideas. Make sure you view both pages!

Uservoice Website Review Project Forum

Uservoice Website Review Project Forum

We have also setup ‘Camden’s Website Uservoice Survey Campaign’ Facebook page to create alerts on updates of ideas submitted in order for users and other interested parties or individuals to keep up with our website review project. The goal of using the Facebook page is not to collect fans but to use it as another engagement channel to raise awareness and encourage participation in the uservoice survey.  We are still in the early stages of using this Facebook page as a tool for engagement for the project.  We hope to add videos, pictures and regular updates to keep the ‘fans’ or interested individuals updated with our progress.

Camden's Uservoice Uservoice Survey Campaign

Camden's Uservoice Uservoice Survey Campaign

We are going to use other social media channels, as well as other traditional communication channels to encourage more participation.  Getting the balance right in communications is vital and certainly crucial to ensure we are listening and taking every possible Camden resident views into consideration.

We are hoping to get as many votes and ideas as possible. Please vote for your favourite idea and submit new ideas too.   We would also encourage you to tell your neighbours and other Camden residents so we can get a better idea on what you need and want from the new website.

We look forward to hear your thoughts and ideas here:

Here is the list of ideas already submitted (in order of currently most votes first) to Uservoice where you can also view online here:

  1. Have one site-wide user login
  2. Make “what’s on” into a proper event calendar
  3. Enable online transactions
  4. Make it much easier to find my councillor
  5. Online consultations
  6. Make searching the  site the main way to navigate
  7. Clean up the design. Old fashion and cramped.
  8. Make the page template wider.
  9. More visible contact details when it is needed most
  10. Ability to add own events to local events calendar
  11. Improve display of search results
  12. Simpler design
  13. Allow me to create a profile so I can see what’s relevant to me
  14. More information and links to local initiatives, community groups and organisations
  15. Email newsletters
  16. Filter the information by neighbourhood
  17. Open up and share data
  18. Use more limited colour palettern
  19. Less information on the homepage
  20. Create a Camden citizen portal (My Camden)
  21. Understand our concerns without us having to directly tell you about them.
  22. Improve the visibility of the search on the homepage
  23. Better categorisation of A-Z
  24. Show the key links within each main section
  25. Relabelled sections to understand more clearly what they contain
  26. Guide me towards the information I need to answer my query
  27. Show me the most popular links I use
  28. Don’t list everything on the homepage
  29. Provide council meeting summary
  30. Unbiased & unweighted content on the homepage
  31. Make the text more legible
  32. Improve the area forums
  33. Greater visibility of council member accountability
  34. Make sure the information provided is clear and accurate
  35. Ask questions and read FAQs on specific issues
  36. Acknowledge email contact with the name & department of the person dealing with it.
  37. Keep all the email alert sign ups in their own area of the site.
  38. Make planning objectives online

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and ideas.