One of the challenges with redesigning such a large website as Camden’s, which has to provide almost 600 different services to a wide demographic of users, is how to capture the information about what users want on the site that is not there?  Of course we look at the results of our search logs and do some clever user analysis using Google analytics but nothing is useful as feedback from actual users.

Normally this would mean spending some serious cash on a market research firm but as a local authority we are fortunate to have 54 people who are experts at talking to residents and businesses, these are of course our elected members.

As part of this project we want to use the insight that members have gained not only from talking to people about our website but also for having used it many times to help constituents apply for services.

In our first meeting on Monday night we were pleased to get both positive feedback about the site, and  some useful insights, from Cllr Roger Robinson.

Cllr Robinson talked about how the website could help increase trade on Chalton Street (in  Somers Town ) and the surrounding area, and the need to highlight disabled access to buildings.

If there are things that you think it would be good to see on the Camden’s website please let us know by adding a comment.