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Clean, vibrant and sustainable places

You told us that you want Camden in 2025 to be somewhere where
everyone values and respects Camden as a place and its environment.

What are the issues?

Many of you said you want to make sure Camden’s parks and open spaces and libraries are protected.

Many residents are proud of the range of cultural opportunities and music venues in Camden but others think there is now less available due to gentrification.

Residents and employers recognise the importance of their role in protecting Camden’s environment.

Many of you mentioned littering and fly-tipping as problems.

You said that there are not enough rubbish bins and many people have concerns about the recent change to collections and street cleaning.

People said that Camden’s recycling rates need to improve.

Carers and people with a visual impairment said that people dumping rubbish causes problems for those with a disability.

Residents and employers talked about the need to reduce air pollution and are concerned about its impact on health.

What you told us

“In 2025, I would like the borough to be greener, with fewer vehicles and less pollution – a cleaner environment.”
Citizens’ Assembly participant

“Combined with other sensible measures, increasing the number of substantial trees in Camden will improve air quality as well as our physical and mental health.”
Online respondent

Your ideas to tackle the issues

  • You want people to take more responsibility for their own actions, including heavy fines for people who litter and fly-tip.
  • You said that the council must make it easier for people to recycle and continue to be a leader in this area.
  • Ideas for involving residents in protecting the environment included making a personal pledge to recycle and reuse more, getting volunteers involved in keeping parks and green spaces tidy, and more community initiatives.
  • You said that the amount of green space needs to be maintained, or ideally, increased, and more trees planted.
  • Employers suggested that local businesses could help the environment by committing to reducing emissions and joining the Camden Climate Change Alliance, and Citizens’ Assembly participants suggested awards to recognise businesses and promote recycling.
  • To tackle air quality, you suggested ideas including more incentives for greener vehicles, more electric cars and more charging points, reducing or banning higher polluting vehicles and tackling engine idling.
  • Many of you suggested cycling and walking should be encouraged to help tackle air pollution and promote healthier, more active lifestyles.
  • Many residents said that more public transport would help to tackle air pollution. Residents with limited mobility said that more accessible public transport would improve their lives.