Up coming works

Last updated: 22.06.18

The 2 year programme for Tottenham Court Road and Gower Street/Bloomsbury Street can be found in the programme section.

Monday 25th June – Friday 29th June

Phase 1 works are taking place as follows:

Tottenham Court Road between University Street and Capper Street

  • Part closure of the cycle lane on University Street
  • Partial lane closure
  • Pedestrian diversions

Tottenham Court Road between Alfred Mews and Store Street

  • Partial lane closure
  • Pedestrian diversions
  • Pedestrian crossing at Chenies Street will be closed

Tottenham Court Road between Bedford Avenue and New Oxford Street – starting from Bedford Avenue

  • Working on the foot way on Bedford Ave and Tottenham Court Road
  • Partial lane closure
  • Pedestrian diversions

We will be removing central islands on Tottenham Court Road in the area around Grafton Way. Two lanes will be available throughout the week.

We will be working on drainage on Tottenham Court Road at the junction with Windmill Street. This will include a closure to the pedestrian crossing and a partial lane closure.

We will be digging a trial hole on Tottenham Court Road located on the western side in front of the American Church (south of Howland Street). This will be on the pavement.


View of the new paving on New Oxford Street
New Oxford Street Works

New Oxford Street Works

Progress at New Oxford Street has been going well and is running ahead of schedule.

Current Programme: (subject to change as the works progress):

  • Repaving the northern side between Bainbridge Street and Dyott Street, working from Bainbridge Street to Dyott Street we are ahead of schedule and now expect to be completed around the 7th July
  • 11th June – 23rd June, repave the northern side between Tottenham Court Road and Bainbridge Street
  • 18th – 30th June, cabling the new signals at the Earnshaw Street junction and bringing the new pedestrian crossing into use
  • 25th June – 30th June, raising the road to footway level across the Bainbridge Street junction
  • The new paving around the Centre Point area was delayed due to nearby developments but we are working closely with partners and have now started working in this area. This is expected to take until the end of October, we will start with paving around the edge of the area and then detailed work around the trees and benches will follow towards the end of June (with tree planting expected in July)
  • Paving works around the Tottenham Court Road station entrances on the Centre Point side have now been completed
  • Paving works outside the Oxford Street entrance of Tottenham Court Road Station have now started and should be complete by the end of July